About Us

The True North Youth Foundation (TNYF) is a charitable organization committed to empowering under-served youth in Manitoba, aiming to enrich their lives through three core programs: the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy (WJHA), Project 11, and Camp Manitou. These programs provide invaluable opportunities that inspire youth to engage actively in their education, community, mental wellness, and personal growth.

In its 27 years of operation, the foundation has evolved from a funding entity to a robust organization directly managing and delivering impactul programming for youth development. What sets our foundation apart is our steadfast commitment to fostering long-term connections with young individuals, providing a continuum of programming that spans from kindergarten to Grade 12. This unique approach ensures a sustained and profound impact on the lives of the youth we serve.

The Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy focuses on increasing school attendance and graduation rates in socioeconomically challenged schools in Winnipeg through play-based learning.

Project 11, a mental wellness program offered in classrooms, aims to enhance mental health awareness, reduce stigma, and equip young students with positive coping mechanisms.

Camp Manitou, established in 1930, offers a diverse range of outdoor activities and educational programs, allowing youth to connect with nature, build confidence, and create las􀆟ng memories in a safe and inclusive environment.

The TNYF collaborates with schools, government entities, local organizations, and educators to adapt its programs, respond to emerging needs, and continuously enhance the quality of offerings. Annually impacting over 111,000 youths, the foundation not only provides educational, sports-based, and character-building programming but also fosters a supportive community that encourages young individuals to realize their full potential in physical, social, emotional, and intellectual spheres.