About Us

The TNYF promotes the growth and development of young people by providing programs that assist underserved young people in Manitoba with educational opportunities that build life skills and shape character while promoting physical and mental wellness.

The TNYF is unique as it provides a consistent presence in a student’s life from kindergarten to 12. By being involved with youth year round and following them through their academic careers, connections to their schools and communities are increased resulting in increased school attendance as well as graduation rates.

Through its three programs, Camp Manitou, Project 11 and the Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy, the TNYF empowers youth from socially and economically challenged backgrounds, young people of all abilities including those with physical or mental challenges as well as new immigrants with opportunities to fulfill their ultimate potential.

Using a community approach to programming which involves enlisting school teachers and principals, school divisions, government officials and local companies, the TNYF is able to respond to emerging needs that enhance program scope and quality as well as provide a larger impact by benefitting the overall health and wellness of youth in Manitoba. By providing a solid foundation and connecting with various aspects of the lives of underserved youth as well as their families, the TNYF strives to make a lasting impact in the community.

For more information about TNYF, please visit https://truenorthyouthfoundation.